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Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swollen blood vessels in and around the anal region that can be quite painful and uncomfortable. Pilotheal is well-known for offering effective and safe treatment for hemorrhoids using advanced procedures at affordable rates.

Piles Treatment

Diagnosis of piles

Visual Inspection:

One diagnostic approach involves visually examining the rectal area. By carefully observing this region, a medical professional can readily identify external or prolapsed hemorrhoids, making for a clear diagnosis.

Digital Rectal Examination:

Another method involves a digital rectal examination, where the doctor lubricates gloves and gently inserts a finger into the rectum. This allows for the detection of any abnormal growths or signs of hemorrhoids.

Image Testing:

For internal hemorrhoids, image testing is often used. An anoscope or a sigmoidoscope is employed for a more in-depth examination of the internal aspects of the condition..

Surgical Treatment for Hemorrhoids

In cases of severe hemorrhoids, Pilotheal offers laser procedures as a treatment option. This approach is considered when home remedies fail to provide relief. It's common for individuals to consult with a nearby physician for hemorrhoid treatment. Laser surgery is a cutting-edge and efficient method for addressing hemorrhoids. In this procedure, a focused laser beam is used to burn and shrink the hemorrhoidal tissue. This advanced technique is minimally invasive and causes minimal bleeding and discomfort. The precision of the laser targeting results in efficient treatment, offering relief to patients dealing with hemorrhoids.